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Macomb, Michigan, USA


When the first snow fell and covered the yard in a beautiful blanket of white fluff, this Blue Jays came to the feeder adorned with natural ice jewelry. Blue Jays are year-round regulars in my yard, but I never get tired of studying all the details on their pretty heads. This downward look is my favorite pose by them.

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I Come From The Land Of The Ice And Snow

20 replies on “I come from the land of the ice and snow”

Aimie says:


Debbie Drewry says:

I love all photos from Ostdrossel!

Melissa Grondin says:

Stunning photo! Love it!

Fran Norris says:

He is beautiful, and rules the feeder, for now!

Stephanie says:


Laura Lazzaro says:

Ostdrossel brings me joy every day with her STUNNING PHOTOS! ❤️

Christine says:

So different

Jill says:

Spectacular photo and Jay!

JoAnn Watson says:

Love her feed!

Lynn Bottge says:

I enjoy all the Ostdrossel bird photos. I have her 2020 calendar and am thankful the date is January 2 so I can see the bird on each page.

Donna Pauling says:

Look forward to seeing her beautiful pictures!

Debbi says:

All of Ostdrossel’s photos are fantastic and I love following them! I am very jealous of all her attractive visitors they receive! Keep them coming, I never tire of seeing them!

Jennie G says:

Love all the photos Ostdrossel shares. Truly amazing! One of my favorites on Instagram.

Ljudmila says:

The best photos of the birds!

Kim Dermit says:

My favorite photos every day!

Lee says:

Ostdrossel’s passion for her birds is marvelous to see. I love seeing their portraits as they feed, and I especially love that she names them and knows them.

Melissa Adams says:

Wonderful!! My favorite bird photographer.

Patricia says:

Ostdrossel captures the best bird photos! I look forward to every post!!!

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