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Gina Sanchez

Denver, CO, USA


We are always told not to Judge a book by its cover yet we do this everyday. The American crow at first glance we take for granted, it’s just a ugly noisy blackbird, but if you stop and look really look you will so much more. Not just black but an array of colors in their black wings.Instead of a “murder” of crows it’s actually a family generation foraging together. They use tools and have complex communication. Next time you see crows look closer and you might not just see blackbirds but a beautiful intelligent creature that deserves our respect not our prejudices.

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Species: American Crow

I’m Not Just A Ugly Crow

I’m not ugly

2 replies on “I’m not just a ugly crow”

Karen Eadie says:

Gorgeous! It takes a lot of skill to photograph complete black. I got adopted by a black cat 3 years ago. I always thought they were boring with no markings, but he is beautiful, strong and sleek, like your crow.

gina sanchez says:

Thank you! I love them, I have been “part” of their flock for almost 5 years now so they let me get somewhat close. They wait for me at the same spot everyday and call to me with one long cawwwww. The matriarch is Kevin.

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