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James Overesch

Freedom, WI, USA


I was standing on the side of the road about fifty yards away from this female snowy owl that was perched high up on an electrical pole, when she flew down in front of me and attacked a mouse that had come out from the ditch. She ate the mouse in a few seconds and this particular shot was taken during her lift-off; it looked like she was going to fly towards and over me, but she went back up to the pole she was previously on.



6 replies on “Lift-off”

B G says:

Those fuzzy owl feet! <3

Mike Sonsthagen says:

Fantastic Image! Crisp, sharp, intriguing!

Becky says:

Excellent capture!!!

Shawn cantrell says:

I really love the amazing look of owls. You captured a great one. Keep up the great work.

Alisa Irwin says:

Absolutely incredible capture. The eyes, the claws, the smoothness of its wings.

Laurie Overesch says:


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