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Anne Duvall

Greencastle, PA, USA


I put raw peanuts out for the blue jays every fall and winter. If there aren’t any peanuts on my brick patio, they will call for me. I have had as many as 15 come at one time for the snacks. When they come to get the treats, it is one right after the other. Since they are accustomed to me sitting outside, they don’t seem to mind me being there. They will come within 2 feet of me, because the peanuts are that enticing. This picture was taken last November during an early snowstorm. The blue jays especially appreciate the treats when everything is covered in snow. I appreciate seeing their brilliant blue colors when they come to my patio for peanuts.

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That’s A “Beakful” Of A Snack!

Peanuts are the best treats!

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