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Paul Thompson & Marilyn Drucker

Washington Crossing, PA, USA


I have been waiting a lifetime to see a Red-headed Woodpecker. And I am not alone, I have met several other people who have learned about this bird and come from miles around to see this one bird that has made Washington Crossing his (or her) home for the winter. I have been watching this bird since October 27th caching acorns in cracks and crevasses in the trees in a small grove of Oak trees at Washington Crossing Park. I never get tired of watching and studying the behavior of this beautiful bird.

The Most Popular Bird In Town

5 replies on “The Most Popular Bird in Town”

Great shot Paul and thank you for showing me this great bird…and now I show others

John Wicoff says:

Hi Paul,

I’ve lived 74 years and never have seen a “Red-headed Woodpecker” either! I never knew it existed until you shot this outstanding photo!!! What a magnificent bird.

Thanks for sharing.

John Wicoff

Alden says:

Congratulations! Very interesting story to go with the photo of the Red- headed Woodpecker. It is a beautiful bird.

Susan Hodge says:

I haven’t seen a red headed woodpecker since childhood! What a Wonderful picture!

Alden says:

An interesting story to go with the photo of a beautiful bird

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