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Neil Hoehle


Check Your 6

AWARD WINNER: Category 3: Judges\' Choice

6 replies on “Check your 6”

G Chapman says:

I love this picture because of the full wingspan and the turned head as if the bird is looking back at the camera! Well done!

Neil Hoehle says:

Thank you!

Kleo says:

Awesome! So ephemeral, (divine, if I may say), yet so personal (because of what G. Ch. said above). Hard to describe … not sure if I am more taken with the perfection of the bird or that of the picture; rather both. Staring at it I feel clumsy and imperfect and just in awe. Thanks.
P.S. I never realized how much white the male cardinal has before I saw this picture.

Neil Hoehle says:

Thank you so much for the kind comments. There are so many outstanding photos posted here and I really enjoy looking at all of them. Wish I had more time to devote to getting photographs myself.

Laura Wray says:

Fantastic shot!

Krystyna Wyszynski says:


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