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Deborah Yaworsky

Olean, NY, USA


Cardinals and snow are made for each other. It always seems that while they spend the warm months fiercely chasing each other off the other’s territory, the sheer numbers of them at the Winter feeders make for more peaceful coexistence. They decorate the trees like Christmas ornaments and while they wait their turn, like this female, the opportunities for picture taking multiply.

Close Encounter

AWARD WINNER: Category 6: People\'s Choice

7 replies on “Close Encounter”

G Chapman says:

Awesome photo! Good luck in the contest!

Anita L Bernhardt says:

Beautiful lady bird 🙂

Lori K Grant says:


Stewart Acuff says:

Love Cardinals
Beautiful photo

Neil Hoehle says:


G Chapman says:

Congratulations on winning!!!

Bonnie L says:

What beautiful reddish orange color. Love it! Congratulations!

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