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Briana Fisher

Linden, MI, USA


Impeccable timing made this photo possible. Our Red-Bellied Woodpeckers love suet balls and when this one went to swallow one, it happened to show us the true length of its lengthy, barbed tongue.

This barbed tongue is designed to get under tree bark to spear bugs and pull them back out to eat. It also wraps around their skull to protect their brain when they hammer on hard surfaces.

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Now That’s A Mouthful…

Yes, that is really a Red-Bellied's tongue!!

6 replies on “Now that’s a mouthful…”

Amazing photo.Ive never seen the tongue of any bird before.Awesome.

Becky Hackney says:

Stunning photo! I didn’t realize their tongues were so long.

Florence Sweger says:

Love this picture of the birds tongue.

Delores Niepoetter says:

Outstanding Photo and very nice description! Who Knew?

Laura says:

That picture is amazing! You caught it at the perfect moment. ❤️

Maher Ramadan says:

Ist einfach sehr schön, es zeigt wie wunderschön die Natur ist 😍

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