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Mary Lou Jubin

Norton Avenue, Barberton, OH, USA


I recycle plastic containers into bluebird feeders. The bluebirds love the feeders which I mount on my deck and in the yard.
I photographed this pair of bluebirds as I imagined them singing, “Oh what a beautiiful morning. Oh what a beautiful day. I have a wonderful feeling the virus is going away!”
I think everyday is better with a song in your heart and bluebirds at your feeder.

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Oh What A Beautiful Mornning!

Oh what a beautiful morning!

10 replies on “Oh what a beautiful mornning!”

Phyllis Howard says:

Now those are truly bluebirds of happiness!

Don McCardle says:

A great photograph plus, what a beautiful message.

Evelyn Crawford says:

Wonderful photo and what a timely message!

Mary Hyder says:

A perfect greeting to a New Year! Lovely.

Joanne Robinson says:

Great message and beautiful bluebirds.


Oh Mary Lou….these are delightful!!! Wonderful job. Good luck on the voting. You sure have “the eye” for your blue birds. Love this!


Susan Murrell says:

Hi Mary Lou!

Beautiful, beautiful pictures of these precious birds!! Thank you for sharing!

I miss seeing you and playing bridge! Hope you are well and safe! Susan

Joanne Fox says:

The colors are so vivid! I think to catch male and female singing at the same time is unusual. Nice job and good luck!

Rita Schrimpf says:

Beautiful Mary Lou! I so enjoy your pictures!

Catherine says:

A beautiful photo of your Bluebirds Mary Lou! I love how you add the little phrases
that make us all happy, You could have worked for Walt Disney. Then you throw in a lesson on how to make bird feeders! You are truly a gifted person!

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