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Andrea Popick

Stuarts Draft, Virginia, USA


My yard (a NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat) provides food, water (heated bath in winter), shelter and places for birds to rear their young. On December 15, we had a storm with intermittent sleet, freezing rain and snow. I watched many species of birds from my windows feeding at my feeding stations. When I would go outside to refill feeders as necessary and spread more black oil sunflowers seeds on the ground the birds would fly to nearby shrubs and trees and watch me. Once I went back inside they would return to feed again. This image, taken thru a window, shows a few Pine Siskins that are fall and winter residents by me. They were evidently enjoying what my bird restaurant had on the menu that stormy day.

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Pine Siskins

Pine Siskins feeding during a winter storm of sleet, freezing rain and snow.

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