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Regina Lembo

Ridgefield, CT, USA


Over a foot of snow brought the northern flicker to the suet dish! Having landed on the porch railing his beak came up with snow!

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Snow Or Suet! Decisions, Decisions!

This weather is for the birds!

18 replies on “Snow or Suet! Decisions, Decisions!”

Laurel Lea says:


Donna McKnight says:

Good Luck!!

Tammy says:

Beautiful bird!

Linda Kenney says:

Absolutely beautiful ! Good luck!

Kathleen says:

He’s so adorable! Good luck πŸ€πŸ’•

Marlena Morris says:

Love this !!

Joanne says:

Beautiful picture!!!

Florence Vannoni says:

I have been following Regina’s postings on attracting birds to her feeders. I was amazed to see a flicker at the feeder. After communicating with Regina, I am going to try similar food mixture to entice other species i.e blue birds. Downy, Red bellied an Hairy woodpeckers feeding on their usual preferences insects and would love to have flickers join the avian crowd at my winter feeder.

Florence Vannoni says:

I have been following Regina’s posting about her bird feeders and seeing the flicker attracted to her feeders. Flickers have visited my yard spring through fall. I will be following her advice and hope to entice flickers to my feeders in the winter

Kiley Armstrong says:


Dorothy Jones says:

Beautiful shot.

Lynne P says:

Great shot & bird!! Good luck!

Great photo! Love Flickers.

Ella says:

Great shot!

Candia Lord says:

Great & Beautiful pic!.. good luck!

Loe says:

Not much to comment, I only feed sunflower seeds and suet.

Tanya Hughes says:

Great shot!

Brad Wolff says:

Happy to see you surfacing as an excellent photographer, very nice work!

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