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Leslie Tolliver

Centerburg, OH, USA


The Downy Woodpecker is the “class clown” of my bird feeders. I have at least 2 pair that come and go all day long. Whenever I need my spirit lifted, I just wait and watch. Soon one of them will do something to make me laugh. I have seen them perch behind the face of the scarecrow and peek out like they are in jail. Most of the time, they fly right up to the scarecrow, as if to say “You don’t scare me!” I have had to put out two feeders to keep everyone happy.
Their outspread wings are so beautiful in contrast to the snow. Whether in flight or feeding from the suet, the stark black and white with a patch of red on the nape is stunning.
They have the courage of a much larger bird, as I have seen them peck at the English Starlings who get too close. Love my little “Downys.”

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Species: Downy Woodpecker

The Stare-Down

The scarecrow doesn't seem to frighten this little guy..

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