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Briana Fisher

Linden, MI, USA


I’ve been incredibly blessed this year. I’ve had a rather large flock of Evening Grosbeaks visiting on and off since Nov 1, 2020 and then daily since Nov 19, 2020.

The flock that visits me knows my routine. Their chirps greet me daily as I fill their feeders. Their antics at the feeders make me laugh. I’ve been called incredibly lucky because they visit daily, and trust me, I know I am. They visited at a time when the world was full of uncertainty and they brought me happiness. I’ve done my best to share this happiness with others, inviting fellow birders to visit to get photos of these marvelous birds and add them to their “life list”.

This female bird is a represention of sun on a cloudy day. She came at a time when we all could use a little bit more sun, hope and happiness.

This Gorgeous Bird Warms My Heart

Female Evening Grosbeak

One reply on “This gorgeous bird warms my heart”

Barbie says:

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your evening grosbeak story!! Grosbeaks are my faves!!

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