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Bob Vuxinic

Crossville, TN, USA


Most of the Orioles that visited my yard have departed in late March, so it was quite a surprise when I saw this guy check out one of my hummer feeders in mid-June.

Baltimore Oriole Male

Baltimore Oriole shows up, weeks late!

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AnnaMarie Rossi says:

I am in Richmond, Virginia and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen an oriole. I just referred returned from Canada where I saw so many I couldn’t believe it. Now I want to try the lower one to my yard, and learn more about this bird. Why are they usually gone by May from TN?

Texas Bird Family says:

From All About Birds:

Medium- to long-distance migrant. Baltimore Orioles spend summer and winter in entirely different ranges. From early April to late May, flocks arrive in eastern and central North America to breed from Louisiana through central Canada. They start to leave as early as July for wintering grounds in Florida, the Caribbean, Central America, and the northern tip of South America.

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