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Shawn Wilkening

Lawrenceburg, IN, United States


A small selection of the dozen bird species (plus one surprised deer) I observed my first time out.



First Feederwatch Session

Common Grackle

One reply on “First Feederwatch Session”

a sweet feeder,, as opposed to a suet feeder..
I, know my comment should only be related to birds .. however this species.. is dear, to my heart.. and can and should be in off- included,, as they often visit bird feeders, as corn.. is often.. shared. with other species associated with feeder watchers..
Shawn.. the stance, and appraisal of this deer’s attention. reflects.. a quality of attention,
allertness,, that we also observe when bird watching.. and reflects your attention to the wildlife.. and we respect this photo..and speak for myself..
Shawn.. take it from me only.. nice.. very well respected photo inclusion

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