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Don or Carolyn Hoss

Straits, NC, United States


This bird arrived with heavy rains on Sept.24 and has been eating voraciously at our feeders for about a week. He is still here on Sept 30th.

First Year Male Rose-breasted Grosbeak Migrating Through Coastal NC

First year male Rose-breasted grosbeak

2 replies on “First year male Rose-breasted grosbeak migrating through coastal NC”

Bob Vuxinic says:

The poor guy might be blown back north by Hurricane Joaquin that’s headed your way. In any case, thanks for the reminder that the grosbeaks are coming back. I’ll start watching for them here in Tennessee, where they usually pass through around the middle of October.

To follow up: I just spotted my first Grosbeak migrator of the Autumn today, Oct 7th.

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