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Ann Rodewig

Chagrin Falls, OH, USA


I have had as many as sixteen bluebirds lined up for the lunchtime special I offer. It’s fun to watch them jockey for position. I have one female that prefers to dine smack dab in the middle of the tray She will stay there for quite a while – usually until the American Robin makes an appearance. I started the winter season with three “regulars” – two males and one female. Given the weather around here lately, one of them must have given the location for the All You Can Eat Buffet to friends and neighbors. Around 10:30 every morning, a few of the group line up on the deck rail and stare into the house waiting for me to acknowledge them. I’ve noticed that they are very thirsty birds and I’ve had just about the whole group perched on the heated birdbath nearby. Fun! Fun! Fun!



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Ladies Gossiping During Afternoon Tea.

Ladies First! Eastern Bluebirds gather around a tray of tasty bugs!

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