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Dottie Dwyer

Havre, MT, United States


When I found this Common Nighthawk napping on a fence post early one morning I was very surprised. This apparently is not uncommon for them to do. His camouflaged colors made it very hard to see if he was awake. He was sleeping so soundly I could almost walk up to him. My friends and family are amazed at the variety of birds in our area. They do not belong to Project Feeder Watch, but enjoy the photos and information I continue to share with them. They comment how they pay more attention to birds then they ever did before.


Napping Nighthawk

3 replies on “Napping Nighthawk”

Linda Vacchiery says:

Thank you for showing the female rose-breasted grosbeak, I took a picture when a single one visited our feeder and birdbath for a drink, hanging around long enough for a great photo shoot of it. I was not able to find it in my bird book or know its range, but I knew it was not plentiful here in Seattle, WA. The reddish breast, barred wing and oval of white around the eye gave an elongated profile with the bill, and was bigger than the finch.

Laura says:

Lucky you! I’ve only seen this once before. I got a photo, (film) but I can’t find it. Nice shot!

Harry Heimbigner says:

Nice Work!! Keep it up!! Harry

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