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Zachary Delmore

Margaree Valley, NS, Canada


At Margaree Airstrip.

Sparrows in Nova Scotia (most I have never sighted yet or are very rare):
– Cassin’s Sparrow
– American Tree Sparrow
– Chipping Sparrow
– Clay-colored Sparrow
– Brewer’s Sparrow
– Field Sparrow
– Vesper Sparrow
– Lark Sparrow
– Bell’s Sparrow
– Lark Bunting
– Savannah Sparrow
– Grasshopper Sparrow
– Henslow’s Sparrow
– Le Conte’s Sparrow
– Nelson’s Sparrow
– Saltmarsh Sparrow
– Seaside Sparrow
– Fox Sparrow
– Song Sparrow
– Lincoln’s Sparrow
– Swamp Sparrow
– White-throated Sparrow
– Harris’s Sparrow
– White-crowned Sparrow
– Golden-crowned Sparrow


Sparrow ID

3 replies on “Sparrow ID”

Texas Bird Family says:

3rd photo is Savannah Sparrow. Not sure about the other 2.

The first two were identified as Song Sparrow by a local eBird reviewer.

Yes, the first two are Song Sparrows.

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