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Joan Wiitanen

Houghton, MI, United States


In all my bird books it shows the Red Bellied Woodpecker not known to migrate this far north but as you can see, “Red” does and has the last two winters. From late October through May we have had him daily in our back yard. We can see Lake Superior out our window, so I believe the books need to be changed. We are so thrilled he comes to feed from morning till night and is so bright and beautiful to photograph.

The Red Bellied Woodpecker DOES Come Very Far North

3 replies on “The Red Bellied Woodpecker DOES Come Very Far North”

Deb Jorgensen says:

I live 40 miles south of the twin Cities in mn. And I just spotted one at my feeder today! I was thrilled, and making breakfast for the family so no camera! :- (

Joan E. Wiitanen says:

If he stopped by once, I’m sure he will return. Hope so for your sake and lucky you! I miss “Red” this winter. He brightened up things big time!

Joan E. Wiitanen says:

This year he didn’t show up for some reason but maybe it’s because the last two winters he spent here were so harsh and bitter cold, he decided to stay more south. But all the books show the cut off line for him only in the southern U.P. of MI. We are suppose to keep track of migration habits and this guy has definitely moved farther north and should be updated in my opinion. They are so pretty and sound even cooler!

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