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Donna Barski

Arcade, NY, United States


On January 25, 2016 I noticed a very fluffed up or fat-looking gold finch below my feeder. He/she was usually alone. The bird moved slowly and I was able to approach within a foot of the bird before it flew away.

On January 26, I noticed two fat-looking American goldfinches foraging under on of my feeders. Both moved slowly and both were seemingly fearless.

I suspect they are ill from salmonella or trichomonosis since the symptoms of these diseases are similar.

On January 27 I removed all seed feed bowls from the stations plus two hoppers. I left only the suet blocks. I will not feed any birds seed for one week.

On January 28, I observed one of the sick birds briefly. On January 29, I did not notice any sick birds.


Sick behavior

American Goldfinch -Seen Foraging Slowly Under The Feeder Alone.

Fearless but very sick American Goldfinch

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