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Tyler Savage

Sicklerville, NJ, USA


A Baltimore Oriole pair has been visiting my yard in New Jersey for the last two weeks. I only noticed today, where I could snap a picture of the male, that his left eye appears swollen and crusted over. I am hoping with the nutritional feed in the yard and with his natural diet combined that he can recover from this disease naturally. I am very interested in learning more about what disease the oriole could have and the likelihood of it passing it to other birds in the area.


Eye problems

Baltimore Oriole With Disease Affecting Eye

I noticed today that a male Baltimore oriole who has been visiting my yard for the last two weeks seems to have some sort of disease affecting his left eye.

2 replies on “Baltimore Oriole with Disease Affecting Eye”

Keith Spangle says:

Just saw a Bullock’s oriole here in Southwestern New Mexico with the same symptoms.

Lindsey says:

Here in new york a baby oriole has the same symptom. Was hoping to find some answers as well

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