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Lynette Schneller

Broomfield, CO, USA


On 1/31/23, before a long cold snap, saw this likely sick Goldfinch on right feeding next to a healthy one on right. It was fairly mild out, but it was visibly puffed up, squinted eyes, and soiled feathers under the tail. Later I saw it alone in a couple other perch locations, not with its flock. It would not fly away if I crept within a couple feet of it. I’d seen similar sickness in House Finches in past year, but never a Goldfinch. I took down the 3 tube feeders, cleaned openings with Clorox and didn’t replace for a few days. Have not seen after the recent cold stretch after temps fell below 0F, thankfully.


Sick behavior

Sick American Goldfinch

Sick American Goldfinch, contrasted with a healthy one.

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