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Sandra Waresak

Candler, NC, United States


Northern Cardinal with eye problem. Taken 11/20/13 but first noticed the eye on 11/5/13.

Had a lot of house finches with conjunctivitis (?) this past summer, some slowly declined and eventually died. Noticed 1 or 2 cardinals with same eye issue this summer, but they seemed to heal.

Also, had 3 cardinals with ‘baldness’ to some degree or another this summer. Those cardinals have either regrown their feathers or are gone.


Eye problems

Northern Cardinal Eye Disease

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  • amanda says:

    2 Male cardinals spotted with the eye disease. The first had balding; I believe it’s possible that the second is the baby of the first. No balding yet on the possible offspring. Haven’t seen “Baldy” in months.

  • R.P. Lewis says:

    I just noticed a male cardinal by my feeder that had white circles around his eyes,the first time I’ve seen this.

  • I photographed a male cardinal with similar eye problems yesterday (Jan. 18, 2018). Derby, KS

  • Chris says:

    I have photos and video of a cardinal with apparent partial blindness and what looks to be drainage around his eyes. We’ve seen some purple finches in the past (a couple of years now) with similar eyes and partial blindness. Is there anything we can or need to do? Especially to prevent further spread if this is an infection.

    • Holly Faulkner says:

      Hi Chris,
      Please be sure to regularly clean your feeders (even if there is no sign of the disease) and be aware not to touch or care for the bird yourself – a local wildlife rehabilitator is a good contact to have if you are concerned for the bird’s wellbeing. Please see our Sick Birds and Diseases page for more information about steps you can take.
      Best, Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant

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