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Sandra Waresak

Candler, NC, United States


Northern Cardinal with eye problem. Taken 11/20/13 but first noticed the eye on 11/5/13.

Had a lot of house finches with conjunctivitis (?) this past summer, some slowly declined and eventually died. Noticed 1 or 2 cardinals with same eye issue this summer, but they seemed to heal.

Also, had 3 cardinals with ‘baldness’ to some degree or another this summer. Those cardinals have either regrown their feathers or are gone.


Eye problems

Northern Cardinal Eye Disease

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  • amanda says:

    2 Male cardinals spotted with the eye disease. The first had balding; I believe it’s possible that the second is the baby of the first. No balding yet on the possible offspring. Haven’t seen “Baldy” in months.

  • R.P. Lewis says:

    I just noticed a male cardinal by my feeder that had white circles around his eyes,the first time I’ve seen this.

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