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Ruth Ann Hess

Mitchellville, MD, USA


This Mockingbird recently showed up with signs of an obvious eye problem. There is swelling they eye itself isn’t visible. Last week I had my feeders down for several days after seeing eye infections in two House Finches. Are Mockingbirds susceptible to this as well? There is only one small, hanging platform type feeder that both the Mockingbird and House Finches use, although when the Mockingbird lands everyone else clears out. Mostly the Mockingbird feeds on the ground or on a separate feeder around the corner with dried mealworms. I have also observed two Mockingbirds engaging in territorial spats, most often elaborate posturing, but sometimes coming to blows. Could this be an injury from that? Thus far, it doesn’t appear to impede his daily activities. The other eye appears to be normal.


Eye problems

Mockingbird Eye Problem

Mockingbird with eye problem

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