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Linda Roy Walls

Galestown, MD, USA


If I include mealworms in my menu of feeder contents, the mockingbirds are sure to visit the feeders regularly. During a recent spring (mating) season, I was surprised to see a mockingbird choose the ground just below the mealworm feeder to attempt to attract a female. He landed below the feeder, took a few steps, spread his wings and held them outright for a few seconds, pulled his wings in, took a few more steps and repeated the showy poses. To no avail, that I observed. Maybe she was waiting in the wings …

Mockingbird Mojo

Northern Mockingbird struts his stuff below the feeders.

One reply on “Mockingbird Mojo”

Texas Bird Family says:

I’ve seen females and juveniles flash their wings. Its probably to get food.

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