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Sheila chambers

Brookings, OR, United States


This is a White-crown sparrow with avian pox, first I have seen this year. I wiped down the feeder with alcohol but I have no faith that that will make any difference in the spread of this disease.



Avian Pox On A White-crown Sparrow.

A poor White-crown sparrow with avian pox.

3 replies on “Avian pox on a White-crown sparrow.”

james samsel says:

We have three baby mockingbirds all from the same nest that have these growths some-where on their heads. This adult pair have raised 3 separate nests of babies and the second set of three are the ones that have contacted this disease. Where does it come from and is it contagious or does this pair need to find new mates. please explain, they are very enjoyable .

sheila chambers says:

Follow up on the fate of this bird. Those growths continued to grow until the bird was unable to get food into it’s mouth, it was losing weight.
I again caught it in my sparrow trap but this time, I euthanized this poor bird. I just couldn’t stand watching it struggle to eat only to have the food fall out of it’s beak again & again, it was becoming frantic & desperate. Poor little bird suffers no more.

This is a very contagious virus disease, no cure, just suffering until it dies, another “gift” from “god”.

Ava Johnson says:

It’s good that you wanted to help it but I’m not sure if it’s legal to euthanize a wild bird without a permit or something. Keep the feeders down for a couple of days or longer.

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