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Dickinson Center, NY, USA



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Species: Hairy Woodpecker

Bloated Female Hairy Woodpecker

Bloated Female Hairy (bloat x more than 2 months). No other birds appear affected.

4 replies on “Bloated female hairy woodpecker”

Dawn says:

Did you get any comments to This?

Peggy says:

I have a male at my feeder. Eating the suet like there is no tomorrow. His eye looks affected too. It’s cold here but not real cold.

Texas Bird Family says:

If its cold than birds puff up when its cold.

Pamela says:

I have one too. Been at the feeder for quite a while -over 20 minuets. Not eating. Wouldn’t even move when I approached it. Must be sick. Very bloated stomach.

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