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Janet Allen

Syracuse, NY, USA


We’ve had up to six house finches this winter, but this is the only one I’ve seen this week – unfortunately with eye disease.


Eye problems


Eye Disease In A House Finch

House finch with eye disease at my feeder. I removed the feeder, will sanitize it, and won't put it back up until I no longer see any birds with this problem.

One reply on “Eye disease in a house finch”

Nancy R says:


We live a few hours north of you and we had a “family” at our feeder early summer, appeared to be a nest that had just fledged. We noted eye disease in one of them and were afraid it would go through all of them so we took our feeders down and disinfected them. Put them back up a couple of weeks later but none of the finches came back, house or gold.

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