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Sharon Thomas

Onley, VA, United States


The unusual behavior of this American Goldfinch caused us to look more closely. He did not fly away at the approach of a hawk like the other birds did. Closer inspection revealed eye disease in both eyes.


Eye problems

Eye Disease In An American Goldfinch

Same individual American Goldfinch with eye disease evident in both eyes.

2 replies on “Eye Disease in an American Goldfinch”

Brenna says:

Is there anything to be done for this? We have a gold Finch acting the same way . I am concerned the others will catch it. Do I need to bleach the feeders?
Any insight would be appreciated .

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Brenna, We have a lot of helpful tips on our Sick Birds and Bird Diseases page. This most important thing is to minimize the risk of infecting other birds by cleaning your feeder area thoroughly – scrub all debris from feeders and soak in a bleach solution. If you see several sick birds, take down all your feeders for at least a week to give the birds a chance to disperse. Remember that prevention is the key to avoiding the spread of disease and that you should regularly clean your feeders even when there are no signs of disease.

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