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Jen Driscoll

Newark, DE, United States


This bird first showed up with eye disease on Friday 11/24, sat on feeder all day just eating all day, and did not even flee a hunting red-tail hawk. By Saturday, 11/25, she was not flying well, not getting much lift, and looked noticeably thinner, sitting on the ground out in the open, sometimes flapping in the general direction of her fellow birds when they cheeped at her. Three attempts to capture her to take to bird rescue failed (she wiggled out of box as I put the lid on) and I chose not to stress her further. I used a recording to entice her back to a brush pile. When I attempted to catch her (old bassinet sheet over her head) she allowed me to walk up to her; the rest of the flock is very wary, so her behavior was unusual. She did peep at me. No sign of her Sunday 11/26. Feeders, perches, and water baths were bleached and dried.


Eye problems


Female House Finch With Eye Disease

female house finch, both eyes are affected. Backyard suburban feeder. I

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