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Nancy Bliss

North Caldwell, NJ, United States


Eye problems

Goldfinch With Conjunctivitis

Snowy this morning in NJ. A large group of goldfinches were feeding this a.m. and I noticed this poor goldfinch with conjunctivitis. Had seen house finches with the eye disease but never knew goldfinches were affected as well. So sad. He was feeding very well. Did appear to be shunned a bit by the others.

3 replies on “Goldfinch with conjunctivitis”

River Lady says:

I have a goldfinch who has conjunctivitis. He’s doing great, the other birds don’t bother him and his actually keeps them away from the feeder.

RockinRobin says:

I caught a little Goldfinch with conjunctivitis– so blind in one eye that I just reached out and picked him up. Have him in a mesh cage with perches and clean food and water. Giving eye infection ointment previously for my cat 2x daily. Almost out. What is a safe treatment I could ask my vet for?

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hello, it’s imperative that you contact a certified wildlife vet or wildlife rehabilitator immediately. Possession and treatment of wild birds is against federal law without the proper permits and can incur heavy fines.

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