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Cheryl Fraser

Toronto, ON, Canada


A single male House Finch would visit the feeder and its behaviour was unusual and I took several photographs. It would sleep on the perch and when it flew to the cedars it appeared to be having a difficult time to land as it was hovering over the branches. While I watched the House Finch flailing in the cedars, a Cooper’s Hawk dove into the cedars and grabbed the House Finch.
I removed the feeders and disinfected them. After 24 hours passed I put the feeder back up. I downloaded the photographs I had taken of the House Finch and when I blew up the pictures you could clearly see problems with both eyes. I went to your website and can confirm that this bird was infected with House Finch eye disease. I have not had any other House Finches come to the feeders in the past 3 days, but I will look for them and check to see if they have any eye problems.


Eye problems


House Finch Eye Disease

Male House Finch with eye disease

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Ava Johnson says:

Poor little guy

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