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Marsha White

Salmon, ID, United States


While observing birds at my feeder as part of PFW, I noticed this female with a funky, bad-looking eye. Knowing that PFW folks would want to see a photo of this sick-looking bird because of eye disease, I got out my 300mm camera with a 1.4 extender and shot some photos of her thru my kitchen window. If I’d tried to go out on my patio to photograph her, I knew she and the other birds would fly off, so these photos are taken thru a double-glass window. I don’t know if this is an injury or the dreaded eye disease. I have a few more shots of her, if that’s any help to you. Please contact me if you need more info or other photos: my email address is “” or by phone: 208.756.7695.


Eye problems


House Finch Female

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