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Lisa Anderson

Las Vegas, NV, USA


This male House Finch appears to have use of his right eye but the left eye is completely closed. He is able to find his way around to the feeder and birdbath, but less active than the others. In this photo he is resting on the ground under some bushes where he remained for about fifteen minutes.
We are taking down our feeders for two weeks to allow the birds to disperse.


Eye problems


House Finch Male With Eye Problem

Right eye completely closed

3 replies on “House Finch male with eye problem”

S Johnson says:

Pour House finch! Was there any rehabber nearby where he could be treated?

Lisa says:

Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, there is no wildlife rehabilitator currently licensed in our state who is nearby. Fortunately, though, this bird is capable of finding food and water, and was even seen defending his perch from another bird. So although he only has the use of one eye, he seems to be getting along fine. Thanks again, Lisa

Lisa Anderson says:

Correction to the original description above: The House Finch pictured here has use of his left eye but the right eye is completely closed.

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