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Daniel Arbegast

James City County, VA, USA


I observed this bird a few days earlier but couldn’t get a photo until 11/21/22. This House Finch has a growth on his upper mandible/nostril area. I believe it may be Avian Pox, but there are a myriad of other possibilities. That is a shelled sunflower kernel that he is eating, not a growth on his tongue. His behavior and condition appeared normal when compared to other finches at the feeder. His flight characteristics were normal, Feeding behavior was normal. Disposition was normal, no more sedentary or agitated than other finches. I will endeavor to get additonal photos of this bird over the coming days, weeks to monitor its condition.




House Finch Possible Avian Pox?

House Finch With Growth On Upper Mandible/Nostril

2 replies on “House Finch Possible Avian Pox?”

Ava says:

Poor little guy.

Ava says:

Take down your feeders for a few weeks and clean them thoroughly to help prevent the spread of disease.

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