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Jody McBeath

Burleson, TX, United States


A female House Finch with large growth on top of her head at my feeders the first day of Project Feeder Watch count.




House Finch With Disease

House Finch with growth on top of her head.

One reply on “House Finch with Disease”

Lisa Treece says:

I have seen the same issue with a house finch at my feeders as well. I also took a picture, which I’ll provide if needed. It appears that there were two tumors between the bill and the top of the head. The bird was still active when I saw it 2/4/17, in Montgomery, Alabama.
I know my feeders are clean, but I’m probably going to take them down, empty them and bleach them for a couple of days. I also noticed a cowbird that appeared to be sick, lethargic and have an eye problem. I have not had any sick birds visit my feeders before. I’m concerned.

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