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Mrs. Vincent's Classroom

Vincent, OH, United States


This bird has been regularly coming to our feeder for weeks. It’s a large bump! Any idea?




House Sparrow With Head Lump

Bump on House Sparrow head

4 replies on “House Sparrow with head lump”

Kim S says:

We had one too about 10 days ago in Idaho? Wish I had had time to take a photo.

Greg says:

I also see sparrows with these small pimples around their eyes and head. I wondered if they are ticks or some other parasite.

Nigel Orchard says:

Yes I feed many house sparrows here , in PROBUS, and I noticed today that some at least 5 have multiple bumps around their eyes and on their head, I think it’s ticks or some other parasite what a shame

Sharon Fountain says:

It appears to be avian pox

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