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peter weber

Masonville, CO, United States



Hunchbacked Male House Finch

Male house finch with no apparent eye problem but with possible tumor in upper back. Behavior seems otherwise normal & even displaces other conspecifics.

4 replies on “Hunchbacked Male House Finch”

Shana says:

We have a female finch with a huge hunch back. She has trouble feeding from our feeder. We keep seed on the porch for her. When drinking from the water we put out. She falls in on occasion. I put plenty of stones in water tray seems to have helped.

Debra D Howard says:

I have a male house finch that has a hump on it’s back also. The hump was first, otherwise fine. But now ruffled and weak. Sick with something. I don’t know what the hump is.

Shana says:

I have seen flocks of crows go from nest to nesr taking eggs and baby burds. Are these survivors and their scars??

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Shana, This bird is likely diseased or suffering from a deformity in some way. You can learn more about sick birds and bird disease here. When crows or other birds take young birds and eggs, they do so for consumption. Any nestling that is taken from a nest by such a predator has an extremely low chance of survival, even if it manages to escape the predator’s grasp.

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