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Tracy OConnell

Palmetto Bay, FL, United States


We have observed 2 diseased grackles within the last week in our backyard. Appears to be some type of fungus/virus/bacteria infection that presents as plaques over the eyes and under the wings. Flying is impaired, probably because vision is impaired. The second grackle died. We live on a lake, lots of muscovy ducks, egrets, Florida gallinules around. Any info?

Thank you,

Tracy O’Connell




Infected Grackles

Infected Grackle

8 replies on “Infected Grackles”

Sahar Taheri says:

Hi i have found the same . But i brought it in home . And i have two dogs . Im so kuch worried about my dogs now.

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Tracy and Sahar,
Birds can suffer from a variety of diseases. This looks like it may be Avian Pox, a disease where wart-like growths appear on the featherless areas of the body. We recommend cleaning your feeders thoroughly with a 10% bleach solution, making sure to remove all of the debris, and even taking the feeders down until these sick birds disperse from your area. Also, please be aware that only certified wildlife rehabilitators can legally treat wild birds. If you are worried about a particular bird, please call your local rehabilitator for advice. You can learn more about sick birds and bird diseases here:

Alison Rowland says:

I live in Spring Texas and last month (July 2019) I found a Grackle in my yard that was infected. Thank you for the information on cleaning the feeders and birdbath

Zero says:

I have a sick grackle and I’m not sure what to do

Heidi Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hello, Thanks for reaching out! If you see a bird that appears to be compromised in some way, perhaps due to sickness or injury, do not try to care for the bird yourself – Call your local wildlife rehabilitator or a licensed veterinarian. For more info, please feel free to check out our page on Sick Birds and Bird Diseases.

Laura Dysart says:

Just today I noticed on our Bird Buddy in Richmond, VA a grackle with an infected eye-large welts around it. Very sad.

Laura Dysart says:

Had a grackle with eye disease today in Richmond, VA. Caught it on our Bird Buddy.

Pam McLellan says:

sick grackle in my backyard this morning. Had pearl colored and pearl sized growths around eyes and forehead. Allowed me to get right up to it. Hoping it isn’t contagious for pets who go out into the yard? Put a cardboard box over it to keep it contained until someone can come over.
Contacted DNR and took photos. Waiting for their response.

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