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Eve Fields

Vienna, VA, United States


I saw this cardinal at one of my bird feeders today. This is the best picture I could take at the time. Its left eye appears crusted over or shut, and there are some darker feathers on that side of the body.


Eye problems

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Injured Northern Cardinal

2 replies on “injured northern cardinal”

I saw a young cardinal in the grass below our feeder with left eye crusted closed. It didn’t move when I approached until I got to his right side, his right eye was fine and he spotted me and flew off. I was told to report this case to How do I do that? I am in Denton Texas.

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Kathleen, Currently the only way you can report sick birds to us here at FeederWatch is by submitting data during the FeederWatch season, which runs from November to April. The project is not active at this time, but we recommend that you please clean your feeders to help prevent the spread of disease. It’s good to scrub all debris from the feeders and soak in a bleach solution at least biweekly. Learn more here.

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