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Amy Wescott

Pecatonica, IL, United States


I seen a Starling with only one leg the past couple of weeks.(Or the leg is injured and tucked up into the belly feathers) I never see it try to use the other leg when losing it’s balance that makes me think it is gone. He/she has a hard time standing on one leg but can still eat well. The starling has a hard time drinking from the edge of the birdbath, losing balance as it tried to bend over to drink. I placed a 2 inch deep pan of water for it to drink from while it was standing on the ground instead of having to stand and balance on a narrow rim, now it can drink well.



One Legged Starling

Starling with one leg

6 replies on “One legged Starling”

Billy says:

Don’t know what the date of this is but I have a bird feeder in my backyard and it’s by my window and I watch it all the time this year 2021 I have seen many starlings with one leg not just two or three but many and the years passed I’ve not seen But one or two I’m just wondering what’s up

Christine D says:

I noticed one in my backyard today. At first I thought that maybe it was just cold hopping around on top of the snow. But the longer I watched, I was able to see it put a leg down to balance itself, but the foot was missing.

Private says:

I too feed the birds and found a one legged Starling and am in Halifax Nova Scotia. He or she isn’t as scared of me as it use to be and doesn’t try to fly off as quickly now but when it was scared of me it would often fall down trying to get away fast. Makes me sad. I’m trying to fatten it up a bit for winter but there are so so many In its family that the others tend to take most of the food before it can get its full. Any advice or anything will help

Benjamin says:

Also in Halifax, and am feeding a one-legged starling, I wonder if the same one? It spends a lot of time in my yard now, so I can occasionally manage to put down a little mealworm/peanut pieces/bsfl when the rest of the flocking starlings are not around and it seems to get a lot. Most of the time the rest of the flock are around and I get a feeding frenzy – I counted 52 at once today.

Lois Semrau says:

I have a young one legged starling. He/she loves the mealworms. I’m not a fan of starlings but I feel bad for it. I have not seen other starlings for a while. Grackles and red-wings

Kellie says:

I also have a starling with a missing foot. It’s been coming to my yard off and on for over a year…unless this is a new one. Googled for the “why”. Interesting it’s happening all over. I’m in Arizona.

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