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Cedar Rapids, IA, USA


We have a flock of sparrows and finches that hangout at our tube feeder. We also have a Bird Buddy (hence the close up pics). This little guy showed up on 3/11/23 several times. Its right eye seems to be popping out, there is one wart-like growth on its body, and the feathers on top of its head seem tattered. I feel so bad for it but it is sitll eating. We just took down our feeders about two weeks ago due to a case of house finch eye disease. I’ll take down the feeders again and wash them. There are a lot of other feeders in our neighborhood so hopefully it won’t spread.


Eye problems


Potential Avian Pox On House Sparrow

Beak seems discolored.

2 replies on “Potential avian pox on house sparrow”

Caroline Coleman says:

I just noticed a sparrow with growth on eye not flying well and hopping. Is it contagious. Should I capture and put down

Heidi Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hello Caroline, thank you for reaching out. It is illegal to handle wildlife without the proper permits, so please do not do that. Here is our page on Sick Birds and Sick Diseases that has directions and information on what to do if you see a sick bird at your feeder.

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