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Brenda Taylor

Markham, ON, Canada


I saw this little guy at my feeders and at my bird bath. I wasn’t sure if it was finch eye disease or avian pox. I took my feeders down temporarily and bleached them. I tried to capture him with my FLAP net to take him to Shades of Hope Wildlife Rehab but he was too quick. I felt so sad for him.


Eye problems

Sick Goldfinch

3 replies on “Sick goldfinch”

Shayna says:

I know exactly how you feel! They’re still well enough to get away from us but not doing that well. Brings me to tears.

Ava says:

Poor guy, I hope he gets better soon.

Lori Rensing says:

We have three each March and they seem to be blind in one eye they will let us get up close to them and take pictures don’t know what to do but they’re eating and they fly just fine we are soaking our bird feeders now and bleach water dish .

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