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Rachel Rollman

Stockton, NY, USA


I just noticed a few Goldfinches and Purple Finches at our feeders that seem to have something going on with their eyes. They look crusty as if the eye is almost not there. Possible eye disease I suspect? I took the feeders down to disinfect and will leave them down for a bit.

I also noticed one Goldfinch that seems to have something strange going on with its plumage. Also seems “sickly” overall.

Unfortunately the photos for either are not great. Hopefully good enough for someone who know what they are looking at though.


Eye problems

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Species: Purple Finch

Something Going On With Finch Eyes

American Goldfinch with something going on with the plumage. Seemingly sickly?

One reply on “Something going on with Finch eyes”

Ava Johnson says:

Hey Rachel! Good job taking down your feeders and cleaning them. This is most likely Mycoplasmal conjunctivitis (House Finch Eye Disease) It is contagious so it’s great that you took down your feeders. It’s a disease that you can recognize because the birds will have crusty, runny, or swollen eyes. They may also appear disorientated or not as skittish as normal. While it usually only affects House Finches (as in the name) sometimes Goldfinches and Purple Finches are also affected by it as you witnessed.
I hope the little guys fought it off!

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