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Kevin Rosinbum

Olympia, WA, USA


Photos of Song Sparrow who visits, always alone rather than in occasional pairs as the others do, and moves much more woodenly. Seems unable to stand up as high as well. Left foot extremely misshapen and swollen. Appears to be Avian Pox or something similar.




Song Sparrow With Possible Avian Pox

Song sparrow with foot issues

One reply on “Song Sparrow with possible Avian Pox”

TheRealChickentender says:

I think I was mistaken and that this poor guy suffers from scaly leg mites. I’ve taken a handful of much better shots since these and now the right foot seems a bit worse. Does anyone know if this can clear up on it own or if it simply gets worse and more debilitating?? Wish there were a way to offer a little help, particularly since I’m sure feeding stations like mine contribute to the spread of these.

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