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Photo Submission

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Albert Pirowski

Springfield, VA, USA


Original picture captured with a Nikon D7100, AF-DX VR Nikkor 55-300 mm, f 4.5-5.6 ED, set at 300mm, f6.3, 1/400 sec. Original picture 6000×4000, 11.5 MB, JPEG taken on 26 Sept, 2017. Submitted picture was cropped and converted to 1370×1949, 5.35 MB PNG to meet the submission criteria.
While observing the flower garden in my backyard from my kitchen, I noticed a lone hummingbird inspecting the flowers, not uncommon for this time of year although we do have a feeder set up. I got my camera to see if I could get some shots and set the camera to burst mode. In a matter of a second or two the second hummingbird flew into the picture and seemed to buzz the first hummingbird and was gone in a flash. When I examined the pictures, the one submitted was only a single picture.

Hummingbird Faceoff

Shootout at the OK Flower Garden

One reply on “Hummingbird Faceoff”

William Pirowski says:

Now that’s live action! Amazing.

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