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Kimberly Rausch

Platte City, MO, USA


I know that many people lump grackles into the pest category along with starlings and house sparrows but I think they are beautiful. They don’t often make appearances at my feeder but I love it when they do. I find their iridescent colors mesmerizing. This guy was the only bird on my deck when I took this photo and he spent a good 15 minuets or so staring up at the sky with his mouth open. My guess was that there was either a predatory bird or the alien mother ship up there but I could see neither.


Eyes On The Skies

Eyes on the Skies

4 replies on “Eyes on the Skies”

eben says:

such an expressive snapshot, well done !

Ross Polete says:


Kimberly Rausch says:


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