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Rodney Wright

Gardner, KS, USA


This male Dark-eyed Junco(slate-colored) posed for a nice round of photos right before sunset!

Who Said Boring Is Beautiful? This Dark-eyed Junco Did!

Who said boring is beautiful? This Dark-eyed Junco did!

15 replies on “Who said boring is beautiful? This Dark-eyed Junco did!”

Freida Cochran says:

So beautifil

Erika Burger says:

Beautiful photo! Definitely a winning shot.

Jonee says:

This photo is inviting, calming, and simply beautiful!?

Colette Gillespie says:

Simply beautiful

Sandy C says:

So winsome!

Annie Woodward says:

Amazing photo…almost like the bird is shy and coy. Stunning!!! Most, if not all of Rodney’s photos are winners in my eyes.

Linda Thorne says:

I love this photo Soft and precious.

Lynda says:


Tressa Stone says:

A very special view.

Richard Trump says:

Love watching them hopping around our deck

Danielle B. says:

This is a simplistic beautiful picture. I love his work. I’m glad that Rodney never forgets the more common species of birds. He feels all birds are important! All nature is important.

Carole says:

Trying to vote for Rodney. He is the bird whisperer.

Donna Kevitt says:

What a sweetheart! Another amazing picture Rodney!!

Joan says:

I believe this is the bird we saw outside my window at a feeder. Would they be in Birmingham, AL?

Holly Faulkner, Project Assistant says:

Hi Joan, Yes, Dark-eyed Juncos are very widespread in winter. Check out their range map here.

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