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Kellie Mazur

Buffalo, NY, USA


I’m very new to birding, but I love modifying and tweaking my backyard setup to attract new birds especially as the seasons change. When the temperatures started the drop, I researched winter birds and how I could best accommodate them in the winter months.

I set my sights on the red-breasted nuthatch and began putting peanuts out in a new large cylinder feeder as well as in a tray. Now, they come everyday and it’s still a thrill to me. I love how the travel down trees headfirst and are a burst of energy at my feeder. Plus, their bold black and white face pattern is just beautiful.

Red-breasted Nuthatch Scores Its Namesake Snack!

This is the first year I've gotten a Red-breasted Nuthatch in my backyard. Now, they came daily and score nice peanuts! It's been a real thrill to see.

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